The Art of Balance

Achieving balance in a space can be a difficult endeavor. There are several ways to achieve balance in a room, so we must work diligently to find the right mix in a space. Interior designers who delight and inspire learn to properly balance a room with precision and creativity. An added object such as a furniture piece or art work could throw off the balance of the room. Interior designers must learn the art of perfect balance. Through diligence and innovation, an interior designer can properly balance a room in sophistication and modernity.


According to Tara Mastroeni,

We’ve all experienced the feeling of looking at a room and having our breath taken away by its beauty. No doubt you want to achieve that effect in your interiors. But, how can you be sure that a room will come together well when each project is the some of so many different parts? Achieving a symmetrical design is key.

According to the Gestalt Psychology, though our eyes take in separate pieces of information, our brains boil all of it down into a singular, simpler, recognizable pattern. As far as interiors are concerned, this means that we see rooms as a whole – a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom – before we can focus on the individual design elements themselves.

We love balanced designs because they keep the amount of information that our brains need to process to a minimum. By picking up on a repeating a pattern, we are able to process the individual elements faster. Since we are easily able to understand symmetrical spaces, we often think of them as more aesthetically pleasing.

Using patterns in our designs can help us bring symmetry to a space in a wonderful way. We all want a feeling of peace and wholeness when we examine a space. By properly balancing a space, we can work towards creating a quality of life for a client which enhances their day to day experiences.


Mastroeni continues,

We’ve all experienced the rush of joy that comes along with deciding on the perfect shade to make our colorful interiors truly pop and the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with finding that accent piece we’ve been searching for forever. Did you know that symmetry has the same effect?

Department psychologists at the Universities of Rome and Liverpool have found a link between symmetry and positive response. In one study they found that participants were quicker to associate symmetrical images with positive words than negative ones. They found that the reverse was true with unbalanced photos. In a second study, they measured activity in the facial muscles used to smile and found that it was most active when their participants viewed balanced images.

The same researchers also found that those responses were most pronounced when the participants viewed reflexive symmetry – the kind that showcases mirror images – so be sure to use this type of balance in areas where you need the biggest jolt of happiness.
Just as a photograph is artistic and beautiful when the composition entails accurate symmetry and balance, a room exudes a feeling of joy and happiness whenever it is correctly balanced. Artists from all backgrounds and mediums enhance their works of art through symmetry and balance. From film, to music, to architecture, to painting, to dance, all artists need proper balance in their work. With too much of one element, we throw off the entire piece. With too little of an element, we can disturb the balance of a space. We need just the right elements to create spaces which exude exclusiveness and beauty.

One way we can create balance in a space is through using art work. Paintings, sculptures, and modern art pieces can enhance a room in a wonderful way. An abstract painting, a modern sculpture, a contemporary photography, or a well placed art piece can bring the delicate balance we need a modern home. If placed precisely and accurately, a modern piece of artwork can transform a space from bland to exclusive.


Every designer and home owner wants to walk in a space and feel inspired and encouraged. Our physical spaces can create a feeling of warmth, tranquility, and peace. By balancing our spaces correctly, our spaces can exude beauty, wonder, and modernity. A well placed piece of art goes a long way towards creativity, innovation, and exclusiveness. Art can also bring a unique look to a bland space; we can differentiate our designs through the use of modern art. By choosing pieces which bring balance to the color and symmetry of our spaces, we can better create modern homes. These modern homes can be a sanctuary from the daily grind; we can find peace and tranquility in the wonderful balance of our living spaces.

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