The Contemporary Home

Most of the time when we think of contemporary, modern design, we think of futuristic art exhibits, clean lines, and abstract art. Though these elements are beautiful, minimal, and aesthetically pleasing, how can we we design a modern home including these elements? How can we make a contemporary home a relaxing oasis that is visually appealing and modern in aesthetic? A modern home can be contemporary and functional with the proper balance and right perspective. Continue reading The Contemporary Home

The Art of Balance

Achieving balance in a space can be a difficult endeavor. There are several ways to achieve balance in a room, so we must work diligently to find the right mix in a space. Interior designers who delight and inspire learn to properly balance a room with precision and creativity. An added object such as a furniture piece or art work could throw off the balance of the room. Interior designers must learn the art of perfect balance. Through diligence and innovation, an interior designer can properly balance a room in sophistication and modernity. Continue reading The Art of Balance

From Idea to Reality

In interior design, we are constantly turning creative ideas into reality. This process of turning ideas into reality is a difficult process which requires hard work, creativity, flexibility, and perseverance. In order to make our design ideas a reality, we spend be diligent and innovative. By listening to clients and understanding their lifestyle needs, we can form ideas which will enhance their daily lives. As interior designers, we work in the realm of ideas and the practical. By combining our creative ideas with hard work and tenacity, we can create spaces which are beautiful and functional. Continue reading From Idea to Reality