The Fashion and Interior Connection

As the fashion world focuses on the Spring/Summer Milan Fashion Week, we at the Tangible Interiors blog thought is would be exciting to explore the relationship between fashion and interior design. On a regular basis, we explore various artistic mediums to see what the interior industry can learn from other industries. Today we are focusing on the connection between fashion and interior design. Continue reading The Fashion and Interior Connection

Artist Profile: Piet Mondrian

Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.

-Piet Mondrian

Need modern design inspiration? On a regular basis at the Tangible Interior blog, we like to feature modern artists in various mediums from different time periods which have shaped the interior design and contemporary art industries. These artists vary in their techniques and approaches, and they have each contributed a beautiful array of life work which we can glean from. Continue reading Artist Profile: Piet Mondrian

Designer Profile: Josef Müller-Brockmann

Need timeless, modern design inspiration?

The International Style movement, or Swiss Style, was a powerful design movement in the 1940s and 1950s which brought minimal, aesthetic design to the world stage. International Style impacted the world in a powerful way; simplicity, clean lines, minimalism, and modernism became a wonderful alternative to the style of the day. The stye was the basis of much of the development of graphic design during the 20th century; the style favored simplicity, legibility, and objectivity. Continue reading Designer Profile: Josef Müller-Brockmann

A Daily Time Saver: The Wardrobe Space

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.55.31 PM

How much time do you spend getting ready for work in the morning? If you are anything like most city dwellers, your morning routine involves rummaging through your clothing items looking for the best option. Some days you give up; you find whatever is available, grab a granola bar, and head out for your commute to work. You are not satisfied with your morning routine and wish you could find a way to save precious time, but you are not sure how this could be possible. Continue reading A Daily Time Saver: The Wardrobe Space

A Refreshing Design Approach

According to Boris Pasternak, the famous Russian poet and novelist,

Art always serves beauty, and beauty is delight in form.

This quote is epitomized in the products of Italian furniture maker, Cortezari. With the large amount of cookie cutter furniture designs in the market today, many home owners and interior designers are looking for fresh ways to decorate their spaces. Continue reading A Refreshing Design Approach