Andy Sofa by Doimo Sofas


Doimo Sofas is a well-established company that specializes in the production of a living room furniture; it is a member of Gruppo Doimo, one of the leading Italian brands in the furniture industry.

Founded in 2000 as a locally operated company, Doimo Sofas managed to reach the status of international brand; now it is widely distributed in Italy and stands as the brand of choice in the world for those who seek made-in-Italy quality.

Thanks to its evolved entrepreneurship and management culture, Doimo Sofas manages an extraordinarily comprehensive production volume without detriment to its high standards of quality; as such, it is an expression of state-of-the-art and top-tier technology and masterly craftsmanship.

Comfort and beauty are the common threads that run through the entire range, which is divided into categories based on style and is available in many different materials and colours. All models are the result either of current aesthetic research or of a functional take on traditional style.