The Italian made Ripiego Folding Dining Chair from Ozzio is a comfortable & extremely practical dining chair.

Made from either hard-wearing vitrex or beautifully smooth wild oak, with the seat back having a cut-out detail which makes a useful handle.

For the vitrex chair you can choose from 2 transparent shades, either neutral (clear) or smoked, frosted tortora, or white or black opaque. There are 5 wild oak finishes:- white open pore, natural, ash grey, moro or tobacco.

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Ozzio Eco Wood

  • ML91 - ECO LEGNO Vecchio Naturale-natural ancient eco wood
  • ML98 - ECO LEGNO Termotrattato-heat treated eco wood
  • ML30 - ECO LEGNO Vintage-vintage eco wood
  • ML35 - ECO LEGNO Bianco Poro Aperto-oak white open pore melamine
  • ML36 (FES) - ECO LEGNO Rovere Light-oak light melamine
  • ML38 (FES) - ECO LEGNO Rovere Grey-oak grey melamine
  • ML37 (FES) - ECO LEGNO Rovere Tabacco-oak tobacco melamine
  • ML40 - ECO LEGNO Tortora Poro Aperto-tortora open pore eco wood
  • ML39 - ECO LEGNO Beton-beton eco wood
  • ML41 - ECO LEGNO Noce-walnut eco wood
  • ML90 - ECO LEGNO Vecchio Cenere-ash grey ancient eco wood

Ozzio Metals

  • MT93 (FES) - METALLO Verniciato satinato-steel alike coating
  • MT98 - METALLO Verniciato grafite opaco-matt graphite coating
  • MT00 - FERRO Grezzo-raw brut
  • MT61 - METALLO Verniciato Bianco Lucido-high gloss white coating
  • MT63 - METALLO Verniciato Moro Opaco-matt moro coating
  • MT68 (FES) - METALLO Verniciato Nero Lucido-high gloss black coating
  • MT65 - METALLO Verniciato Mastice Lucido-high gloss mastice coating
  • MT71 - ALLUMINIO Anodizzato-anodised aluminium
  • MT90 - METALLO Verniciato Tortora Opaco-matt tortora coating

Ozzio Polypropylene

  • PL01 - POLIPROPILENE Bianco-white polypropylene
  • PL04 - POLIPROPILENE Arancio-orange polypropylene
  • PL03 - POLIPROPILENE Nero-black polypropylene
  • PL05 - POLIPROPILENE Moka-moka polypropylene
  • PL18 - POLIPROPILENE Grafite-graphite polypropylene copia
  • PL06 - POLIPROPILENE Mastice-mastice polypropylene

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