Swa Lounge Chair by Sestu e Shinobu Ito


A lounge chair created to enrich and to complete SWA performances, always creating the familiarity with Swa Cell. The formal solution of the wooden stripes, always identical and consecutive, reminds the precious nordic lesson of the maestro Aalto. The indoor or outdoor use is determined by the choice of upholstery or the wood finishes. It is available with a matching low table.

Fornasarig Wood and Lacquered Wood
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  • 92-61 92-61
  • 91-61 91-61
  • L1 L1
  • 2R Mahogamy 2R Mahogamy
  • 2V Cherry 2V Cherry
  • 2L Light Oak 2L Light Oak
  • 2M Walnut 2M Walnut
  • 2G Medium Walnut 2G Medium Walnut
  • 2B Natural Beech 2B Natural Beech
  • 22 Cherry Z 22 Cherry Z
  • 21 Light Walnut 21 Light Walnut
  • 2W Wenge 2W Wenge
  • L3 L3
  • L4 L4
  • L6 L6
  • L11 L11
  • L7 L7
  • L12 L12