Kite Dining Table by Shin Azumi


It looks like a traditional box kite. It is delicate and lightweight while simultaneously retaining a strong structural beauty. Due to its masterly construction, the slim seat of Lounge Chair and Dining versions is able to support a significant weight in a comfortable and relaxed way.

In 2011 Kite collection increases itself presenting two side tables realized in 35 cm and 45 cm heights; they can express its design essence in lounge areas and waiting places or next to sofas and armchairs into domestic contexts.

Fornasarig Wood and Lacquered Wood
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  • 92-61 92-61
  • 91-61 91-61
  • L1 L1
  • 2R Mahogamy 2R Mahogamy
  • 2V Cherry 2V Cherry
  • 2L Light Oak 2L Light Oak
  • 2M Walnut 2M Walnut
  • 2G Medium Walnut 2G Medium Walnut
  • 2B Natural Beech 2B Natural Beech
  • 22 Cherry Z 22 Cherry Z
  • 21 Light Walnut 21 Light Walnut
  • 2W Wenge 2W Wenge
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